Day 1 – Tri-State

And so it began on a sunny summer morning, this Bromptomaniac set off on a two months cycling adventure, leaving Andorra behind.

The first ride was on a shorter side ~ 75 km. I planned it short so I could “test the waters”. It’s the Pyrenees after all and my Greengo isn’t meant for endurance riding. Neither am I. But in a short 4,5 hours we reached Puigcerdà, a small town with narrow streets on top of a hill, close to Spanish-French border. In other words, the devil is not so black as he is painted.

I ended up crossing into France where my camping site was located. As I was about to put my tent up, it started to rain. Luckily there was a spare room with four bunk beds available, so my very first camping experience is postponed. While I am writing this, a thunderstorm is raging outside.

Today in numbers:

4.5 – hours cycling
75 – distance covered in kilometers
3 – countries crossed (people living in New York area may call it Tri-state)
4 – beds all to myself
1 – thunderstorm dodged