Monday was the first day of training for our new show Sep7imo Dia. Until Christmas, we will train at TecnĂ³polis, a science, technology, industry and art exhibition complex. It is located in former army barracks. It is quite far from our apart hotel and depending on traffic, it takes 25-40 minutes by shuttle. Going there by bike, on the other hand, takes me 45-50 minutes. When the weather is good, I cycle there and take the shuttle home. I still need to figure out a short and relatively pleasant return route.

It was a busy week outside of work: I saw a show at the Tihany Circus, an avant-garde play at Teatro Maipo and went to a music festival featuring many famous South American bands.

On Saturday, tipped by a friend of mine, I decided to go on the other side of River Plate. There is a small town named Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO World Heritage Site founded in 1680, yet another one.

I got up early, went down Paraguay street to the port, paid $104 US for the ferry and slightly over an hour later was in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

Either I am jaded or not all UNESCO World Heritage Sites created equal. Being on a bicycle on cobblestoned roads did not help me enjoy the small streets. One of them, Calle de Los Suspiros, is supposedly one of the most photographed streets in Uruguay. I had difficulty seeing the charm of it. I am not sure the trip was worth the ticket price. But I liked the beer with papas fritas con queso at the Barbot, a much better version of the famous poutine.

The week in numbers:
46.5 km – distance covered
1 – country added to passport
5 – nude actors on stage at once
4 – hours of continuous live Latin rock