11/26/18 – G7

The wind was blowing hard all night, making howling sounds going through the holes in my bedroom window. It didn’t slow down once I got on the road in the morning. For a short while I enjoyed the wind blowing in my back but that didn’t last long. At one point I felt like in a wind tunnel: I was crossing a bridge and the wind coming from the river gorge was hitting me from the side with such force that I had to ride leaning heavily against it to not be blown off the road.

Once I got near the mountains, the wind subsided.
Of course, less wind came at a price – I had to pedal uphill, but I find it easier than pushing against the wind. There were several minor climbs, then at the end, right before Fox Glacier, there were three successive big ones (354m, 408m, and 411m), called saddles.

On this trip, I already cycled over quite a few saddles and summits. I am at the point where I should maybe start thinking of a jockey career or becoming a Brompton ambassador at one of those G7 or G20 summits.
Whatcha think?

Today in numbers:

105 km – distance cycled
13 km – length of Fox Glacier