11/22/18 – 25k

It was a nice day, not particularly special. A typical cycling day with its ups and downs. But wait, there was something special: somewhere between Tapawera and Murchison, Greengo and I reached a milestone – 25000km on the road together!

I swung by the Lake Rotoroa. Being there was so serene and the view of the mountains was stunning.

After yesterday’s gravel debacle I decided against going through another “scenic gravel road”. On the road, I caught up with Federica, an Italian who is also cycling through New Zealand, though not following any particular route. We chatted for a few kilometers before going in opposite directions. We came across another cyclist, an Australian, who I later bumped into in Murchison, today’s pit stop for both of us. He actually went through the Braeburn Track that I skipped. Although he said it wasn’t too bad, I am glad I didn’t take it.

I didn’t see many long-distance cyclists on this trip, and then I met two in one day. Will I see more as I get closer to the finish line?

Today in numbers:

105 km – distance cycled
145m – greatest depth of the Lake Rotoroa