11/16/21 – #Half-Time Is Over

At last! After long forced hiatus our show Messi10 is back on stage. It premiered today in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Let’s hope Covid-19 won’t wreak havoc on entertainment industry again, and Messi10 will continue to bring joy to fans of both Cirque du Soleil and Lionel Messi.

Today in numbers:

27 km — distance cycled
6 — weeks to remount the show, a very-very short time
619 — days since the last performance in front of live audience
€35 000 000 — Messi’s yearly salary with PSG, which works out at almost €3 million per month, €727 000 a week, or €103 000 a day, €4327 per hour, € 72 per minute and € 1.2 per second