10/27/19 – Cold Turkey

Last couple of weeks were intense for Catalunya and the city of Barcelona: manifestations, clashes with police, strikes, flight cancellations. Although the area where we live and work wasn’t affected – to the point where one could’ve asked: “What unrest!?” – the whole creation team left earlier than planned to avoid any surprises at the airport. All of a sudden, I found myself with expanded responsibilities. I knew it was coming rather soon, yet, it was like coming down from a high: the creative rush and euphoria of the premiere was gone and reality settled in. On the other hand it is a welcome change of pace.
As for my cycling, the manifestations didn’t disrupt my routine in the slightest.

This period in numbers:

192 km – distance cycled
1877 – year the phrase “cold turkey” was coined, in the UK comic strip Ally Sloper
525 000 – number of people who attended a peaceful demonstration in Barcelona on October 18th, 2019