10/19/18 – 8 1/2

After a relatively good sleep I set off towards Port Campbell. The road led me away from the coast and into the forest. It took me almost three hours to reach Lavers Hill, because, as the name implies, it’s on a hill and I was going up most of the time. But then there was a reward – long stretches of high speed downhill cycling. According to Strava, at one time my speed was 76 km/h, which is hard to believe.

The main attraction today were the Twelve Apostles, famous limestone formations right off the coast. Though there were never 12, but only 9 of them, and by now there’s only 8 and a half standing because water inexorably does its job. The views were stunning. It’s likely even better from a helicopter, but I have my own means of transportation.

While most of the people were taking pictures of the scenery, there were a few who took pictures of me and my Brompton.
For a moment I was thinking to continue towards Peterborough but after this hilly ride I was exhausted. I set up my tent, went to the bay and spend some time just relaxing.

Today in numbers:

89 km – distance cycled
2 cm – rate of erosion per year at the base of the limestone pillars
50 m – height of the pillar that collapsed in 2005