07/16/23 – Saltabancos

The relaunch of the Messi10 show has happened! The long-awaited premiere in Salta took place on Friday in front of a full house. It was a hard-fought success. After several weeks of working tirelessly to recreate the show, we are now ready to settle into a business-as-usual routine of performances and some training sessions to polish and enhance the show. We have two weeks of sold-out shows in Salta la Linda, and then we will move on to the next stop on our tour. This marks the rekindling of our lives as saltabancos, traveling street acrobats.

This week in numbers:

0 km — distance cycled, due to the ongoing debacle with my Brompton’s rear wheel
33 000 — tickets sold for our show, the highest number in Salta’s history; closest contender was Shakira, who sold around 12 000 tickets a few years ago