Weeks 77-78 – United States of (Latin) America – Miami

After a week in cold Montreal (can you believe I, as a Russian, considered -6°C being cold?), I am back on a beach: Miami Beach.
The majority of Miamians are Latino; Miami is actually called the capital of Latin America. So, it was only logical to bring our show, Sep7imo Dia, here.

I’ve been to Miami on several occasions, last time was 7 years ago, but only this time did I really enjoy it: sea, sun, Art Deco. Maybe because with my Brompton I ventured way beyond South Beach and its scantily clad, slightly trashy crowd.

With good weather, clean(er) air, decent roads and an abundance of bike paths I had a blast cycling around Miami; it was literally and figuratively speaking a breath of fresh air. In two weeks here I cycled more than in the last couple of months in Central America.

Sadly, we only stayed here for a couple of weeks. But hey, it’s better than nothing!

These weeks in numbers:

432 km – distance cycled
70% – of Miamians that are Spanish speakers
27th – state to join the Union was Florida