Week 76 – Mothership is calling

Arriving to Montreal, with its sub-zero temperatures, straight outta Belize and still in shorts gave a jolt to my system: hanging around the equator for more than six months did not make my body well prepared for cold. I spent most of the time inside, partially because I was attending the Performance Summit at Cirque du Soleil IHQ and because I didn’t want to go out in cold weather.
The summit was packed with presentations, expert panel discussions, Q&A’s and group activities. It was good to see a few old timers like myself, meet new faces of our coaching community and bump into a couple of friends in the hallways.

On the fringes of the summit I spent a little bit of time with my extended family – Julie’s parents, brother and his numerous kids.

One rare sunny day I even cycled to a Brompton store to pick up some bits and pieces.

After a snowy-windy week I am going back to warmth, this time to Florida, for one week of shows in Miami.

This week in numbers:

17km – distance cycled
-6°C –the lowest temperature in Montreal while I was there
6 – jam packed days of summit