Weeks 4-7 – This and That

Besides my commute and a few short outings in Buenos Aires, there were no cycling adventures. Oh yes, one: I participated in a hit and run accident, as the victim; luckily the car wasn’t moving fast, so it only spun my bike around. I was able to jump off the bike before I hit the ground. I was OK but Greengo ended up with a bent fender and rack.

As a whole, these few weeks were filled with exciting work and a series of eclectic events ranging from the visit of the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau observing a bit of training and posing for a group photo to attending the long-running show Fuerza Bruta, where the audience participates in the action.

In between, there were a couple of concerts that could not be more different – New Order and Los Fabulous Cadillacs. At one I could close my eyes and move in a slight trance while being exposed to second-hand marijuana smoke, at the other one hardcore fans started to shove each other, and me as a bystander, with the first accords of the song; in the process they knocked my glasses off, luckily I was able to retrieve them before anybody stepped on them.

There was a surprise visit from Zeta and Charlie, the surviving members of Soda Stereo band, who are still putting finishing touches to the music of our show. And a Christmas party for artists, crew and their families thrown by the producer, where we had a glimpse of what might be a reality for the next year or so during our show: when a DJ put one of the Soda Stereo tunes on, we all started to jump like crazy. The next day my neck was sore from all the head banging while dancing.

There was a wine tasting where I knocked down a $70 bottle of wine while talking with my hands, and the exploration of Buenos Aires on foot. I am slowly getting to like this city.
Amongst all this, my 25 years in the States snuck up on me.

The training part of the creation came to a close with the holiday season, and with that, no more commute by bike.
Now off to Patagonia for vacation. No Greengo this time: a lot of hiking instead.

These weeks in numbers:
308 km – distance covered
34 – flights of stairs I carried my bike when elevators weren’t working
400 – grams, was the size of the steak I was served, not the largest on the menu
A lot – Argentinian wine being drunk