Although I am still in Reykjavik and my shoes are still wet from riding in the rain, the trip is over. It was a blast. I am tired and I’m glad it’s over but I am happy I did it. I saw many places I hadn’t seen before, even in countries I previously visited. I met some generous and interesting people. I was able to push myself a little harder to overcome some challenges. And hopefully, I entertained my family, friends, and people who followed this adventure.

All this was possible because a couple of years ago, while on tour in London, I finally got over the sticker shock and bought myself a Brompton bicycle. Greengo became my partner and has endured a lot. It is the ultimate riding machine. It survived rain, heat, dust, potholes, speed bumps, falls, dirt roads, constant upshifting and downshifting, 3654 km without a proper maintenance. It is my best investment and prized possession.

I hope there are more adventures ahead of us.

Trip in numbers:

3655 km – distance covered
216h – riding time
2066m – highest point I got up to above sea level
198.35 km – longest ride
10h42m – most time on the saddle at one time
64.2 km – fastest speed
205 – max heart rate, I don’t know if this is possible but my Garmin watch said so
108 899 – calories burnt
8.4 kg – I’ve lost since the beginning of the trip, if I trust the scales
50 – days it took to finish this adventure
21 898 km – of air travel
15 – countries I visited on this trip

P.S. Thanks to everyone who let this stranger stay in their homes. I found the Swiss people warmer than the Swiss weather.
Special thanks to Mirco who saved my ass when I had mechanical problem.

Valentin & Emy, André, Olivier & Marion, Lucie & Loïc & Marie
Basile, Jeanne & Jean-Mark, Bernard & Elizabeth, Bolaji
Alberto, Elina, Mirco & Elisa, Lena
Agnezija, Georgios