Day 29 – Fool on the Hill

It was more of the same today. More flatlands, more pedaling, more of a sore butt. More fun with road markers: according to signs, Trieste was 43km, 59km, 41km, 33km, 40km, 47km, 32km, 35km away, in that order. The only difference – it was even hotter. Close to Trieste, locals were going to the sea by droves in an attempt to escape the heat. I would have liked to do the same but I also wanted to see the city, so I continued towards the city center. It was OK but that’s about it. Maybe I just have an overdose of sightseeing.
I used Google to look up the nearest campsite, it was about 4 km away. Because Google doesn’t give cycling directions in Italy, I chose walking directions over driving to avoid getting on a highway again. I don’t go for easy ways out and I am stubborn enough to pull it through. The first kilometer or so was nothing to report about. However, the last 3 kilometers were another story. It was so steep I had to push my bike all the way up. Add to this 36°C heat and blazing sun and you get the road to hell. One hour later, when I finally got to the camping site, I did not care about the view that opened up from the top of the hill.

Today in numbers:
90 km – distance covered cycling
4h – riding time
2.5 km – distance I pushed bike uphill
1h9m – it took me to push through Via Scala Santa