09/07/21 – Withdrawal Syndrome

It’s been a few days since we returned to this side of the Atlantic. Besides being jet lagged, I feel a little down; although I find myself comfortable in the familiar settings of our apartment, there’s something missing. Sounds of birds chirping are replaced with the roaring of cars and the ever so present sirens. Although we can see the sun rising from our balcony, it’s incomparable to the view from our terrace in Castelnau.

Suddenly, after a few months of almost frantic activities repairing our house and exploring the surrounding areas, I find myself bordering on being lethargic. And New York being New York, is a little dirty, a little rough, a little in a hurry.

This feeling will of course pass – it always does – but now, since we have the choice, I may want to call home the other, more relaxing place on the other side of the Ocean. On va voir!
Meanwhile, I need to get my head back into work. In a couple of weeks I will part for another country far and away to remount our show after eighteen months of forced downtime.
That country is new for me. Needless to say my Brompton will come with me. Stay tuned for news about our next adventures.

This week in numbers:
92 km — distance cycled, just a couple of errands to avoid using the battered-by-hurricane-Ida subway
5973 km — distance between our NYC apartment and the house in France
10521 km — distance between our NYC apartment and the city where I will work for the next couple of months