08/31/21 – Bricomaniac

In the past three months I drove to a Brico hardware store almost on a daily basis; in comparison, I rode my Brompton only a dozen times or so. Thus, at this point I should be called Bricomaniac rather than Bromptomaniac. The house though is in much better shape, with numerous small improvements. We also added a nice terrace for our morning coffee and a small patio for a late afternoon apéro. We even had time to enjoy them.

I am so glad we didn’t buy an old barn to renovate as we initially wanted: even in a house that was ready to live in we were making home improvements the whole summer and we’re not done yet. Renovating a barn would have taken years and we’d rather enjoy French living now.
It’s now time to say “Au revoir!” to the house and the people who helped us one way or another to ameliorate it. Hopefully we will be back rather soon.

This summer in numbers:

902 km — distance cycled
6.7 km — distance to nearest Bricorama store where I would sometimes go multiple times a day
You don’t want to know — how much we spent this summer on furniture, tools and materials