11/07/18 – Miranda Warning

Looking out the window this morning I was pleasantly surprised: there were absolutely no clouds, first time since I arrived in New Zealand. I had pre-packed last night so it didn’t take me long to get out the door and hit the road.

Today’s destination was Miranda Hot Springs. I took the scenic route, first through the countryside and then along the coast of Firth of Thames with Coromandel Peninsula on the other side. The sun continued to shine during the entire ride, the road was fairly easy, and views were amazing.

Even with reading the accommodation price list at Miranda Holiday Park and eating canned beans and frankfurters made of who-knows-what, it didn’t dampen my mood.
I rounded up the day soaking in a hot spring pool. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Today in numbers:

83 km – distance cycled
48 – USD for a bunk bed in Miranda Holiday Park, so I opted for my tent