Week 67 – Lost Paradise

After only one week of work, we are on yet another vacation. We headed off to Bocas del Toro, a paradisiacal archipelago in the Caribbean.
The so-called International airport of Bocas del Toro is rather small and very close to town; so close, it only took fifteen minutes stroll to Captain Caribe for a “well-deserved” beer. After that, we hopped on a water taxi, the only way to get around, and headed to our B&B on Bastimentos Island.

The next day, when the sun finally showed up, we went to Wizard Beach. It’s a 30-minute walk through the jungle. The caveat, thanks to all-night rain: it was muddy, very muddy. We were walking barefoot, ankle deep in the mud. But the prospect of soaking up the sun kept us going, despite a couple of slips and falls. The beach was nice and mostly deserted, just what the doctor ordered.

The following day, we ventured out a bit further to Red Frog beach; not much sun that day though nor red frogs.

On Thursday, the rain was on and off so we had a lazy day at the B&B – hammock, and book.

On Friday, the sun was finally out so we went to Cayo Zapatilla, two small islands east of Bastimentos Island. On the way, we stopped at Dolphin Bay and Sloths Island to take a look at, well, dolphins and sloths. We spent a few hours on a postcard-perfect beach. We snorkeled on the way back at Cayo Coral and finished the day watching the sunset at a beachside restaurant. A very enjoyable day! The joy was short-lived though: I fell sick shortly after we came back from the restaurant and spent an unpleasant night.

On our last day, since I didn’t feel well and there was no sun, we stayed on the dock of our B&B sifting through photos.

While snorkeling, I used my newly acquired GoPro. However, as it happens to me periodically, I accidentally deleted half of the videos and pictures. You’ll have to believe my word – the footage was incredible!

This week in numbers:

9 – main islands in Bocas del Toro Archipelago
1 – full day of sun while we were there
1 – days lost due to gastrointestinal discomfort
31°C – average day temperature
89 USD – price of software for photo recovery