Day 48 – Reykjavik 101

Since distances on Malta are small, I went to the airport by bike. In fifteen minutes I was at the airport, where passengers were sent off to their destinations by live piano music, played by fellow travelers. It’s my third flight in a week, and with each airline the size/shape of carry-on luggage varies – it seems they pull dimensions out of thin air just to be able to charge you more money. So far, however, Greengo has been happily flying in the overhead bin.

The brouhaha began in Amsterdam where I had a connecting flight. First I had to take my luggage and recheck it again as the flights were on different airlines, then my flight to Reykjavik was canceled, then uncanceled, then my bike didn’t fit in the X-Ray machine, then they questioned my telescopic seat post in the bag, then the flight was delayed. Finally, with a 45 min delay, we left Amsterdam. At least nobody bothered me regarding the bike as a carry-on.

Upon arrival, I was ready to roll into Reykjavik right from the airport, but this wasn’t meant to be. The city airport where I thought we were going to land is for regional flights only. The airport we actually landed at was 50km away. The triumphant appearance of Greengo and I at this trip’s final destination will have to wait. I took a bus that delivered me right to my camping site.

This time of year in Iceland, even AirB&Bs are expensive, let alone hotels. So, after a week sleeping in beds, I am back to camping. This campsite is busy with real outdoorsy people ready to go hike in the wilderness. They all had portable stoves they cooked on, au contraire to me, who had a sandwich and a beer for dinner.

The temperature here is 15°C and drizzling. A stark contrast from 32°C and sunny.

I still did a quick run around the city. First impressions: Reykjavik is a small provincial capital city.

Tomorrow I’ll start my final stretch: Iceland’s Golden Ring, a 250km route that goes through some of its most popular natural wonders.

Today in numbers:
12 km – distance covered
1h9m – riding time
3 – next days is going to rain according to forecast