Day 44 – Ethos, Logos and Paphos

I left Limassol at 7am to avoid the heat but for no avail. My legs were like cotton wads and my mind wasn’t into it either.

My Ethos should’ve told me: I will overcome these things, I will drink more water, I will downshift only if I really can’t pedal any harder.
My Logos should’ve told me: it’s the same distance I did last night, the less I push the longer the ride will be, the hotter it will become, the less time I’ll have to discover the city.
And my Pathos should’ve told me: it’s pathetic to be so demoralized by small obstacles in comparison to ones I already put behind me, what about your bragging rights?
But they were mum, and I was dragging my feet. The only reason I finished the ride – I had no other choice (although that’s not entirely true).

The whole city of Paphos is a UNESCO World Heritage site, so upon my arrival I went to see an archeological site: I’ve seen better ruins elsewhere. They have very well preserved mosaics but my head wasn’t into this either, probably because the only thing I could think about was getting out of the heat and into the sea. That’s what I did as soon as I got out of the ancient site.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to Larnaca. I don’t see a reason to return the same way by bicycle, so I’ll use the bus.

Today in numbers:
69 km – distance covered
4h5m – riding time
3 – out of 9 Kings Tombs I saw today, they are impressive but redundant