Day 10 – Grelibre

I started the day later than I planned because right before going out of the door I realized I had a flat tire again. Thanks to the RedBeard Bikes of Brooklyn I know how to fix the flat but on Brompton it’s a bit complicated. So, one hour later with replaced tire I left Valence for Grenoble.

I anticipated a hard day as it’s about 100 km and uphill. However, except a bit of wind, it wasn’t all that bad. Uphill was gradual and long stretches of the road were on dedicated cycling paths along Isère river. Closer to Grenoble the scenery was stunning, mountains towering over the river with lush vegetation. It’s amazing how fertile the South of France is, you can find here everything, from vine grapes to potatoes.

After I arrived in town I weaved through city streets which were charming but mostly deserted, it was another Sunday after all. I ended up going to Bastille, one that survived the French Revolution. From there the whole city and surroundings can be seen for many kilometers.

During those revolutionary years Grenoble itself was renamed Grelibre. It is a trait of many revolutions – rename, forget, destroy. Luckily for French, it did not last long.

Today in numbers:

105 km – distance covered
6h56m – riding time
1 – time ended up on a highway where people were honking either to cheer me on or shoo me away