12/12/21 – 50 Shades of Greyscale

When you walk or cycle in Riyadh it is as if you are watching an old black and white movie with a backdrop of khaki. Men are in white, women are in black. The former make me think of doctors, the latter of witches. They aren’t, of course. It’s just an impression. Although there are probably real doctors amongst them and maybe witches, figuratively speaking.

I cycled once by a massive abaya mall with a multitude of colors but I guess those colorful ones are only worn in private. The streets here are definitely not a vanity fair, au contraire to the Occident, and daltonics surely would not get confused here.

*To add some excitement to our “oh so boring” circus life, a few days ago there was a ballistic missile attack on Riyadh, reportedly launched from Yemen. It was intercepted and we found out only the next day.

This week in numbers:

165 km — distance cycled
2161 — solid Pantone colors as of 2019