11/28/18 – Haasta La Vista, Baby!

Checking the route to Makarora, I saw that it was practically flat for first 50km, until the steep Haast Pass. I thought I’d still be fresh enough to assault the pass. Once I got on the road it seemed like wishful thinking: I was cycling against the wind. I wasn’t too sure it would be a smooth ride anymore.

After 10km, getting further into the Haast River valley, the wind died down and I continued unharmed.

Right after Gates to Haast bridge, or more like Gate to Hell, the dreaded climb began. First couple of kilometers were so steep I had to push Greengo up, on and off.

After I passed first few kilometers it got easier than I anticipated. Soon I reached the highest point, and “another one bites the dust”.

In terms of absolute numbers the Haast Pass was not the highest I cycled over, but the elevation difference from the start to the top was more than 450m over 10km.

Shortly after, I arrived in Makarora, a tiny village with a campsite. There’s no cell coverage, no free WiFi ($5 for 100mb), no supermarket, only an overpriced cafe. I was thinking to go to the next town with more services but it was too far. I guess I’ll put up with what I have here.

Today in numbers:

77 km – distance cycled
564m – height of the Haast Pass