11/07/20 – Lock’em Up!

And so we were! Locked up for fourteen days of quarantine upon arrival. The Canadian government made sure we were quarantining by calling to check up on us.
Being stuck in between four walls and unable to cycle on a daily basis was slightly debilitating and a bit depressing. The apartment was nice though, and we had everything we needed. We even had a balcony where we could march in circles, albeit in very small ones. For cardio, instead of riding my Brompton, I ran up and down the emergency stairs.
Now that our quarantine is over we are free to go anywhere!!! Curb your enthusiasm, though, mon pote: while we were quarantining, many European countries closed their borders. This is why we will most likely stay in Canada a little longer than we intended to.
On the plus side, we are a little further from US politics.

P.S. Our first day of freedom coincided with Trump’s ousting. Yay!

The quarantine in numbers:

0 km – distance cycled
8 – flights of stairs that equals to one set for my cardio; I typically did 5-6 sets a day
12 km – walked on the first day we were allowed to go out