07/06/21 – Hill-Billie

A couple more weeks passed before I was able to make another bike outing: between ameliorating the house and rainy days there wasn’t much time for cycling. This time I wanted to do a slightly longer trip. I “outsourced” route plotting to Strava which offered to go to the Chasm of Padirac. Supposedly, the department of the Lot has the most paved roads per capita in France; Strava, however, succeeded to send me to a mountain bike route. It started as somewhat paved, then a few hundred meters further the pavement turned into a gravel, and then into rocks, while going uphill. It stayed like this all the way to Padirac. I obviously wasn’t pleased but I found it amusing to participate in a one-man steeplechase.
After that, the rest of the trip was a piece of cake, even though there were plenty of hills but at least they were paved. Because of the detour I ended up cycling longer than planned but I didn’t mind, after all it was only the second time I used my Brompton in a month.
With the house slowly getting in shape I should have more time to cycle and explore the surroundings.

Last couple of weeks in numbers:

36 km — distance cycled
13 191 km — length of the Lot’s road network
Countless — trips to Bricorama